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Mission Statement: Our goal is to have a personal experience with each of our clients, to allow us to deliver exactly what you require. Learn more about us by getting to know and love our work. B Nichol Art prides itself on delivering exactly what the client wants in a simple and timely manner. We've taken our time in planning and developing B Nichol Art to be client focused, making sure you get exactly what you want every time.

We are B Nichol Art

At B Nichol Art we pride ourselves on providing expressive, artistic photographic services, tailored to each client, for those with a discerning taste for quality photography. We believe in creating dynamic, comfortable photography sessions that allow the client to relax and reveal his or her true personality. We also value individuality and understand that each client’s photographic needs will be different, making us passionate about getting to know each person to enable us to achieve this.

Ben Nichol

Ben set up B Nichol Art after graduating from Loughborough University with a degree in Fine Art. The website was originally developed to display his work however over time due to demand a commercial aspect was developed.

Ben N. Owner/ Founder



We aim to deliver on your every requirement and have the equipment to meet any needs which you may have.



We have the expertise to go just about anywhere you can take us.



We have a flexible studio space we can work from.

To know us is to know the type of work we do so check it out!

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